Charities & Non-Profits:

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Program Highlights:

  • When buyers/sellers mention your organization on their referral form, you will receive a significant donation within a few days of their transaction close date
  • If you spread the word to your members and supporters about our program, they would have the option to designate your organization to receive a donation when they decide to buy or sell their next home
  • Being registered on our site provides you with additional exposure to other buyers/sellers who might be seeking a worthy cause
  • Receive additional notoriety for your cause when we share news of your donation on our blog and social media channels

How Does it work?


Share our program with your followers/members/donors and keep reminding them to contact us BEFORE hiring a real estate agent directly.


Clients can ask us for recommendations or even request someone they already have in mind. They’ll work directly with that chosen agent to buy or sell their home.


When the transaction closes, we make a huge donation to the client’s favorite cause!





How do we participate?
The best way to start generating donations with our program is to feature us on your website. If you have a page on your site called “more ways to give/donate/etc…”, that’s usually the best fit.

This is the same page where other donation programs for stock, cars, boats, amazon smile, and programs like Box Tops for Education.

Featuring us on a monthly basis in your email newsletter is also recommended. This will keep us top-of-mind when followers find themselves in the market to buy/sell/lease.

How does Good Referral differ from a typical real estate agent sponsor that has supported us in the past?
Our fundraising program is very different.
Traditionally, a corporate sponsor pays the sponsorship fee and then their sponsorship is promoted to your followers for the coming year.

If a sponsor receives business from being recognized as a sponsor, your organization received no residual benefit since the business flows directly to the sponsor. Of course, that sponsor may decide to make a voluntary contribution themselves but there’s no accountability to ensure any additional pledged contributions are actually received.

Our fundraising program is a no-cost, no-commitment platform more closely resembles Amazon Smile and Box Tops.

In other words, we aren’t requesting to be listed as a corporate sponsor and would thereby not donate/pay any sponsorship fees upfront.

We recommend mentioning us on the “other ways to give” section of your website and email newsletters.

When your followers buy/sell real estate using our program and select your organization to receive the donation, you receive a donation right after the transaction closes.

Whenever someone participates, that’s another giant check for you!

How much does this program cost?
Our service is COMPLETELY FREE to buyers, sellers, and non-profits!
How much will my non-profit receive?
Under most circumstances, the donation will equal .25% of the transaction price.

For example, a typical $800,000 transaction would result in a $2,000 donation for your non-profit!

Is a real estate brokerage?
Yes, is a California-licensed brokerage. This allows us to enter into broker referral agreements with brokers located anywhere nationwide. Further, we can make donations to eligible non-profits located nationwide.
If someone learns about Good Referral from our non-profit, are we automatically entitled to receive the donation from their real estate transaction?
While you are welcome to ask your followers to choose your non-profit to receive the donation, it’s entirely up to real estate client to decide which eligible non-profit will receive the donation.
How do I find out if my non-profit is eligible?
Most organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code will qualify. More specifically, we prioritize those who focus on arts, science, education, health, poverty, animal welfare, and be dedicated to benefiting society at large on a non-discriminatory basis.
Is a non-profit?
Our primary purpose is to give clients the ability to support worthy causes they believe in. However, as a licensed real estate brokerage, we aren’t in the same category as a traditional non-profit or charitable organization.
I’m seeing both 25% and 0.25% mentioned…what’s the difference?
Those two values refer to two different elements of the transaction.

Here’s a brief explanation assuming an $800,000 transaction and the broker receiving a 2% commission:

Receiving brokers usually pay us a referral fee equal to 25% of their commission.

For example: $16,000 commission x 25% = $4,000 referral paid to us.

Our overhead/marketing/salaries are deducted from that amount which leaves the remaining amount that is donated.

A good estimate of the donation amount is 0.25% of the total transaction amount.

For example: $800,000 x 0.25% = ~$2,000 estimated donation

Please note that these figures are just estimates and subject to change with each transaction. The actual donation amount is subject to change based on the transaction amount and the negotiated rates between clients & their brokers.

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